Quality used processing equipment for the agricultural, animal feed, biomass, pelleting industries.

Business Opportunity

The UCPE.com business with website and supporting database is for sale. Most of the used machines listed are owned by clients of UCPE.com and are sold on a commission only basis. A few are owned by the owner and operator of UCPE.com but these are not offered as part of the sale. Most of our sellers are UK based but a few are in Europe and our buyers are worldwide.

A lot of expertise has been built up over the years particularly in industries associated with animal feed, pet food, biomass and energy crop processing, pelleting, briquetting, crop drying, wood shavings, wood fuel, materials handling and storage.

The website was previously owned by David Whyte and it has been operational for about 20 years. In that time it has built up a large customer base of both buyers and sellers. David Whyte is scheduled to retire soon but would help the new owners, for a limited period at an agreed rate, during the transition.

If you are interested in this business please contact David Whyte on 07703 170937 or dwhyte@ucpe.com

What do we do?

We sell equipment:

We have a large stock of equipment. We supply individual pieces and complete processing plants.

We buy equipment:

We source on behalf of a great number of long-standing clients, who trust us to find exactly what they want. 

We act as selling agents:

If we do not want to buy your unwanted equipment, we will advertise it and do our best to find a buyer from our extensive list of contacts.

We export:

We can organise the requisite paper work, shipping containers and delivery for anything to anywhere.

Equipment News

Our For Sale lists and Wanted lists are constantly changing: Keep up to date with what we've got and what we need - Join our mailing list.

We offer consultancy work our areas of expertise are.

  • Animal Feed Processing
  • Grain Handling, Drying, Cleaning and Storage
  • Straw Processing including pelleting for fuel or bedding
  • Greencrop Drying and Processing
  • Dry Pet Food Manufacture
  • Wood Pelleting for fuel or bedding
  • Animal Feed Supplement and Concentration Manufacturing
  • Woodshavings and Sawdust Handling and Processing
  • Biomass Processing

We promise not to share your information with anyone.

Who are we?

David Whyte

David has over 50 years’ experience in grain handling and processing. He started his career with Bentall’s in 1964 as a sales representative before moving to Hopkinsons of Newark in 1975 to gain experience in project engineering, systems design, project costing and contract management. In 1986 he was co-founder of GAME Engineering. On retirement from GAME in 1998 David set up his consultancy and used machinery sales business which became UCPE. Recently David's focus has been on biomass processing for fuel. Please feel free to call David with any queries or advice you may require.

Where are we?

Lodge Farm,  Wigsley Road, North Scarle, Lincolnshire. LN6 9HD